President W.Doug Mock Jr.

Doug Mock

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Eco Glass Systems Inc. has been in business since - 2010

Eco glass systems inc. is a family company.  We supply, service, distribute, and install glass and glazing products. We specialize in commercial and residential applications.  From shower doors to retail storefronts, we strive to lead the forefront of technology, design, and engineering in the ever changing glass industry.  We also look to the future with new products that will change our lives for the better.  Safety, convenience, simplicity, and security are some of the many things glass can provide.  We want to impliment glass and its amazing properties into all faucets of life.  This will not only make things easier, but also better for the environment.  With our Ecosystem a main focus Eco Glass pushes the boundries of energy conservation, recycling, self sustainability.  We want to also provide beauty in your home and office, with colored, and textured glass.  Eco Glass is excited about the many problems that glass can solve and what the future holds for the glass industry.  Glass roads, smart glass walls, solar glass, these amazing technologies are here.  Eco glass is the company that can do it.  Call us with your glass problem and we will solve it.  If we cant we’ll help find someone who can. 


Market defining story: At Eco Glass Systems Inc. we supply and install glass and glazing products to residential and commercial customers.  Our customers come to us with a glass need or problem.  We solve their problem and satisfy their need.  We stay at the forefront of the ever changing glass industry to be able to provide the newest, highest quality, cost effective products and services.  We work along side engineers, architects, designers, general contractors, and home owners.  We make their vision a reality. 


At Eco Glass Systems Inc. we believe new technologies in the glazing industry will create a better world. It is our goal to lead the glazing industry in the construction business and stat at the forefront the new technology era. Glass has become a more reasonable choice when it comes to environmental safety.  A much better substitute for plastic, glass is most of the time fully recyclable without harmful added chemicals.  It is our goal to help the environment by further getting involved with 100% chemical free glass.


Eco Glass Systems Inc. is a 3rd generation glazing contractor.  They have talented designers and installers who help add custom glass details to businesses and homes throughout Orange County and surrounding areas.  Call them today at 714-603-7053 for any further information about any of your glass service needs.

Meet Our Team

doug mock sr.

Doug Mock Sr.

Project Manager

phil port project manager

Phil Port

Project Manager

Mitzi Mock  Accounting Manager

Mitzi Mock

Accounting Manager

Kelly Mock  Office Manager

Kelly Mock

Office Manager

Jessica Mock  Head Public Relations

Jessica Mock

Head Public Relations

Glazier Team

Julio- Lead Glazer Glazer for 30 years

Julio- Lead Glazier
Glazier for 30 years

Julio- Lead Glazer Glazer for 30 years

Alejandro- Lead Glazier
Glazier for 10 years

Julio- Lead Glazer Glazer for 30 years

Raul- Lead Glazier
Glazier for 8 years


Alvaro- Glazier


Jose- Glazier


Ralph- Glazier


Brody- Glazier


Luis- Glazier


Roman- Glazier


Matt- Glazier


Miguel- Glazier

Our Services

Durable Aluminum Decks

Commercial Projects 

From Carl's Jr. to commercial buildings we have had many commercial projects that leave our clients very pleased.  Let us help you with your commercial project. 

Attractive Decks & Patios

Residential Projects 

From glass balcony railings, custom fit shower doors, sliding glass doors, to custom mirrior projects, there is no limitation to what we can make for all your home improvement needs.

Tasteful Wooden Cabinets

Custom Projects 

Whether it be a custom wine celler, or a custom glass floor, we have the imagination to make any one of your future visions a reality. 

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Competitive Pricing

At Eco Glass Systems we take pride is getting you the right price on your project.  From big or small projects we are known to be very competitive among market prices and work hard to make the price right for both parties involved. 

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English & Spanish Speaking Staff 

We understand and are able to communicate with contractors and customers to find out exactly what is needed and wanted.  We will not complete a project unless we know absolutely what is desired from our customer.

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24 Hour Call Back

We know your time is precious so we offer a 24 hour call back period on any calls coming into Ecoglass.  Also if you send us blue print plans for a project we offer a 48 hour return on the estimate for that project.  It is our goal to provide you with the timely service that all customers deserve.